Learn to Troubleshoot Common Dipping Powder Issues

Dipping powder manicures are trending today like never before. The younger generation likes manicures that simultaneously last long and look graceful. So, the proper solution is to go for LDS dip nails. Therefore, the dipping powder procedure has become the favorite of many women worldwide.

Learn to Troubleshoot Common Dipping Powder Issues

Though dipping powder manicures are durable, something can always go wrong if you do not follow the proper procedure. Under such circumstances, you should know how to handle the situation without panicking. The most common dipping powder issues are lifting, cracking, and expanding. Besides, you can encounter problems when removing dipping powder. This blog discusses these issues and recommends ways to troubleshoot them.

Lifting of the nail

Generally, dipping powder sticks to the base coat, which in turn sticks to the nail surface. Therefore, lifting can occur if the dipping powder color does not adhere properly to the nail. One can trace the problem to the prepping stage. One should ensure that the nail surface is clean of all debris, oil, and water before applying the basecoat. That is why experts harp a lot on the preparation process.

Solution – One should be thorough when prepping the nails for the dip powder manicure. You can use a cuticle remover to remove dead skin from the nail surface. Using a grit file can help rough up the nail surface slightly to allow the basecoat to stick to the surface properly. It is better to use a primer before applying the basecoat as it helps to dehydrate the nail. (more…)

Tips and Suggestions for Enhacing the Beauty of Your Eyes

Eyes are the most sensitive part of our face. Ignoring their care can make you lose all the attraction and fascination they bring on your face. You need to be very careful while dealing with your eyes. It is very important to include eye care products in your makeup routine. A number of products and expert suggestions could be helpful for you in making your eyes beautiful. Before going into the basic guide, let’s first check out commonly experienced eye problems.

Tips and suggestions for enhacing the beauty of your eyes

Common eye related problems

Commonly experienced eye related issues include dark circles, droopy and saggy eyelids, appearance of excessive wrinkles around eyes, dull spots and signs of aging. These problems are faced by a lot of people. As eyes are a prominent part of your face, these things make you look unattractive. There are a lot of people who only observe eyes when they meet you for the first time. These things should not be left unattended. Here are a few tips and suggested products that you can use. These will be very helpful for you.

Eye care products you must try

Numerous eye care products are there for your rescue if you experience any of the above mentioned conditions. You don’t have to worry about your eye problems anymore. Just have a look at these.

  • Eye creams: Use of eye creams is extremely helpful for reducing dark circles. For instance, you can use Korean eye cream for dark circles daily to enhance the look of your eyes. It will brighten up the dull spots and make your eyes attractive. You can apply a generous amount overnight and let it penetrate into the skin. Within a few days the area around your eyes will brighten up.
  • Nutritional products: You should always go for products that are rich in vitamin E and C. These are brightening and uplifting components. They make your eyes get back the lost glow.
  • Eye masks: masks are one great way to let your eyes get everything they need. You can go for one that contains both brightening and uplifting components. Some eye masks also provide anti Aging benefits which is a cool feature to enjoy.


Choose the Perfect OPI Colors for the Right Occasion

The average woman spends a significant part of her life deciding what to wear for a special occasion. But do they do the same when choosing the nail colors? I doubt so. As the new year approaches, women prepare a long list of what they should wear for the various events and festivals they intend to participate in during the year. The decision about wearing suitable nail polish is usually the last one they take. This blog aims to change the trend by suggesting different nail colors for different situations in life. The OPI gel colors set has an exclusive range of colors to suit every occasion.

Best OPI Colors for the Right Occasion

Are you going on a first date? Make an indelible impression

There is a statement that goes something like this. “The first impression is generally the last one, as well.” It is true when you go on your first date. The first date of your life is a momentous occasion that no one would like to spoil by wearing the wrong nail polish color. (more…)

Tips and Tricks of Ideal Tattoo Designing That You Need to Know

As classy as it looks, tattoo designing isn’t a piece of cake. It is an extremely difficult and painful process. Not only for the client, but also for the tattoo artist. This is because the session goes on for so long and the artist might get tired holding the machine and continuously concentrating on one particular spot. Every tattoo artist has kept some special tips and tricks to help the client cope with the process with comfort and to make it easier for themselves too. This article will be covering all the basics of preparation for the tattoo session and steps that can be helpful during the designing procedures. These suggestions are collected from experienced tattoo experts and people who have been going through this process for a long time. This will definitely guide all the newcomers for their upcoming ventures in the field of tattoo designing.

Tips and Tricks of Ideal Tattoo Designing

Image: Trailertrashtattoo.net

How to prepare yourself for a tattoo session?

Before going for a tattoo session, you must be mentally and physically prepared to embrace the upcoming painful process. There are some steps that can help you in coping up with the pain and discomfort.

  1. Eat well before going to visit your tattoo artist. Being well fed is extremely important to keep your energy up to the level. It keeps your blood pressure maintained so you won’t feel any disturbance in the normal balanced state of your system.
  2. Drink plenty of water so that your blood volume remains constant and you won’t fall unconscious during the needling. It is very common that people faint during the process due to water shortage. Try your best to avoid it from happening.
  3. Wear light and airy clothes. This will allow your body temperature to stay normal and will prevent excessive sweating. It will also allow the artist to access the tattoo spot with ease. Wearing tight clothes can block blood circulation and make it very uncomfortable for the client to make the area exposed.
  4. Make sure the tattoo spot is well shaved and free from hair. Shaving it a few days earlier is better because if you shave it just before the session, the open pores might get irritated due to the tattoo ink.
  5. Make sure you have all the equipment and tattoo stuff ready. Ask the tattoo artist if he has anything missing from the spot so he can grab it before the session.
  6. Do check out which design and color pattern is trending and choose accordingly. For example, small and intricate designs go well with the outline of the black. You can shade the inner part with the best white ink available to you and see how attractive the design looks. Similarly, choose color combinations that are famous among the tattoo experts and make your tattoo look classy and trendy.


Top 8 Best Infrared Therapy Devices for Healing 2021

Drug-free and non-invasive therapy devices are available in the form of IR devices. If you ask anyone suffering from pain, what do you need? They say pain relief and sound sleep. So, all they wish for is the best-infrared therapy device for healing and a calm and soothing ambiance of a natural Himalayan salt light.

Though still debated, some claim that this lamp also cleans the surrounding air, helps you sleep well, and soothes your allergies. Check the below products for more details.

Best Infrared Therapy Devices for Healing

UTK Jade Far Infrared Heating Pad for Hot Therapy

Amazon best-selling product B00QQ60XO0


The natural jade stones with a carbon heating element and a heating pad that emits IR that penetrates thoroughly out your body. That stimulates the blood circulation in the skin, tissues, muscles, and joints, providing relief from pain.

Also, inflammation is reduced due to the circulation of the blood that leads to healing. The jade stones emit negative ions that, in turn, promote the oxygenation soothing mind and body. The hot therapy relieves you from daily fatigue, cramps, arthritis, back pain, and sciatica.

150W Near-Infrared Light Red-Light Therapy Heat Lamp

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It relieves muscle pains, joint pains, cervical soreness, lumbar muscle ache, and similar kinds of pains. It is the best infrared heat lamp for pain relief as it relieves your pain in 5-10 minutes, and it can be focused anywhere on the body. Unlike IR heat pads, which can only be focused on certain parts of the body like where you can wrap it or keep it, it does not limit this light.

DGYAO Red Light Near Infrared Therapy LED

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The drug-free, safe, natural, and painless solution for pain relief is possible using red-light therapy. It also accelerates the recovery of surgery tissue and alleviates inflammation pain of sports injuries. The wearable pad helps in penetrating the IR light into the body where it is worn. Your metabolism rises, and the cell regeneration capacity increases, leading to the accelerated healing of scar tissue.


Simple and Elegant Dip Powder Nail Designs

Dip powder nails might not look so different from their acrylic and gel counterparts at first glance. However, they have a distinct application process where you dip your nails into the powder container a few times as you brush and polish using a neutral base. However, it would be best if you came up with nail art that will leave you proud. Nonetheless, the dip powder system will never fail you. By acquiring an SNS, Nugenesis, OPI, or DND gel nail polish, you are assured of a chic finish. To avoid getting frustrated, we have collected a few simple but elegant dip powder designs that you can try out.

Neutral nail polish with ring finger floral details

This is one of the simplest dip powder designs that can look great on your nails when you want something easy, neutral, and a little more sophisticated. The design can be worn every day, and you will still be looking stylish and luxurious.


How to Deal with Melasma?

Any skin problem can leave you worried and gives sleepless nights. One such condition that is very common these days is Melasma. This skin problem creates dark and discolored skin, which changes the look drastically. The users commonly suggest the use of sunscreen for melasma to avoid the condition. It is essential to know the reason why this happens and what is that one can do to prevent the problem of having healthy, good-looking skin.

freckle removal treatments

How to Know If You Have Melasma

The condition is easy to identify as the symptoms show early. The patches on the skin and discoloration are commonly seen with the naked eye. The skin becomes darker than the original skin color, and the patterns are similar on the face. The other body parts which are exposed to the sun are also prone to the condition. There is no harm to the situation but is known to have a negative effect on the self-image of the person dealing with it.

The sun damage to the skin is the most common cause. Still, other things that have known to add to the condition are birth control pills, hormonal imbalance, stress and thyroid conditions, etc. it is something which is more commonly seen in women but does not mean that men are immune to it.


What Are Dipping Powder Nail? Everything You Need to Know

What is a dip powder manicure? This refers to manicures that last long but don’t make use of UV light in hardening the nails. The colors are gotten from dipping nails into a powder with pigments, rather than the conventional method of painting on liquid streaks. The outcome is a flawless look, with even coats, which before now, only professionals could achieve.

Are powder dipped nails better than gel?

The significant distinction between DND DC gel and dip is that it is long-lasting. Manicures done with dip powder tend to last as long as one month, usually two times longer than the regular gel nail polish. Besides, light-curing lamps are not needed for this manicure. This goes to say that you’ll not only be saving space in your drawers as there won’t be any need for a large nail lamp, but you’ll be free from exposure to UV light.


The 30-Day GTC Pathway

Global Transitional Care is the pioneer in bridging the in-patient-to-residence gap by providing personalized in-home clinical oversight for newly discharged patients. In conjunction with our HIPAA compliant, customized technology and a transitional care team consisting of a medical doctor, advanced practice nurse practitioner and registered nurse certified in transitional care, GTC can address potential issues, with the goal of preventing unnecessary re-admissions and visits to the Emergency Room. Transitional care is a newly covered benefit for Medicare patients and there is no extra cost incurred on the part of the patient other than the applicable standard co-pay. As a specialty group provider, GTC manages direct billing with Medicare.

What is Transitional Care?
Transitional Care (TC) is a specified, certified program “to help hospitalized patients with complex chronic conditions, often the most vulnerable patients, transfer in a safe and timely manner from one level of care to another”* ideally, to their home residence. Additionally, Transitional Care is certified at a higher level than home health care.

What We Do
Our highly skilled, Transitional Care Nurses (TCNs) are hands-on in planning and caring for patients in the critical 30-day window of time after discharge. Our Transitional Care Nurses keep the physicians and care team connected to the patient’s progress. We are committed to achieving the best possible outcomes.

What Is Transitional Care?

Global Transitional Care (GTC) is a group provider that specializes in comprehensive transitional care. GTC  provides a high level of clinical oversight and manages all aspects of care transitions from inpatient stay to home for 30 days from date of discharge, with the overarching goal of avoiding complications and readmission to the hospital. Transitional Care is recognized as a higher level of clinical care than home health.

GTC is a Medicare provider, and also has the ability to provide transitional care to non-Medicare patients. GTC partners with National Transitions of Care Coalition (NTOCC) — an organization dedicated to improving patient transitions throughout the healthcare system.

Why Does Transitional Care Make Sense?

  • One in two U.S. citizens suffer from a chronic disease and this number is only increasing
  • Medicare Trust Fund level ($) is going down
  • Shift in focus from Acute Care to Population Health Management
  • Out of 5 million US hospital readmissions, approx. 76% are preventable, this equals a savings of $26 billion
  • People recover better and faster at home*

Learn more about transitional care through our resources page.