About GTC

Global Transitional Care (GTC) is the first third-party Medicare Approved Provider Group dedicated to providing comprehensive clinical transitional care. Our mission is to enhance the care continuum and provide personalized clinical oversight for each individual patient.

GTC helps avoid complications and readmission to the hospital by providing clinical oversite for all aspects of care from inpatient stay to home for 30 days from date of discharge. Through a Transitional Care provider team, patients and their families will have access to a healthcare provider that is familiar to them and their case, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

GTC’s goal in Transitional Care is to give the newly discharged patient and their healthcare team continuity of medical and post discharge care, further reducing adverse events, unnecessary return visits to the hospital or emergency room, and the knowledge to personally manage their own health condition.

Learn more about transitional care here, and our pathway here.