Classical Nail Polish or Gel Nail Polish – Which Is Better?

Cosmetics have improved to such an extent that different types of nail manicures are possible. In the olden days, there was the conventional nail polish manicure alone. Today, you have various procedures like gel nail polish, dip powder manicures, acrylic nails, gel nail extensions, and many more.

So, there are bound to be comparisons between different types of manicures to decide which is ideally suited for the individual. This article compares classical nail polish and gel nail polish.

Classical Nail Polish or Gel Nail Polish

Classical Nail Polish or Gel Nail Polish

The classical nail polish

The most exciting aspect of the classical nail manicure is that it is the easiest. Anyone can do the manicure at home without any specific training. Here is the procedure in brief.

The nail technician starts by removing the existing nail polish layers by filing or soaking them in acetone, depending on the type of manicure. Washing your nails properly is the next step. Finally, your nails need some massaging if they appear sore. Then, the technician proceeds to apply the nail polish basecoat, nail polish, and the topcoat layers. The exciting feature of the conventional nail manicure is that it does not require a UV lamp to cure the nail polish layers. However, that is a significant drawback because the nail polish takes a long time to dry.

The advantage of having a classical nail polish manicure is that it is convenient to apply and remove it whenever needed. So, you can remove the old nail color and use another one at any time.

However, the prominent disadvantage is that classical nail polish does not last long. Moreover, it tends to chip off the nails frequently. Therefore, it can result in frequent touchups. That can be frustrating. So, searching for a better option takes us to gel polish manicure. But, first, let us see how gel polish can be better than traditional nail manicures.

The gel polish manicure

Unlike conventional nail polish, gel manicures are expensive, primarily because you must go to a nail salon for a perfect gel manicure. Of course, many people have gel manicures at home, but nothing can be better than a professional job.

Gel manicures take more time than conventional nail polish procedures because they involve drying the nails under a UV lamp. However, unlike classical nail polish, the finished product is perfect because the coat gets perfectly cured after the manicure. In the case of a classical nail polish job, the drying time can take a couple of hours.

The procedure for applying gel polish DND is also simple. It starts with the usual prepping activity where the salon technician removes the existing nail polish layer. Next, washing the nails with an alcohol-based cleaner is critical because it eliminates bacteria and makes your nails healthy. Finally, buffing the nails before the application process is crucial because it allows the basecoat to comfortably stick to the nail surface.

The next step is the basecoat application. We advise having a thin basecoat layer to enhance the comfort factor. Curing the basecoat layer under a UV lamp for 60 to 90 seconds before proceeding further is essential. The idea is to have a dry surface when applying the gel polish.

Now, you can add the gel polish DND of your choice to the basecoat layer. The beautiful aspect of gel polish manicures is the extensive range of gel polish colors available for you to choose from. Neutral DND nail colors are available in hundreds of options in various shades and tones. You can select your preferred tone depending on your skin color, season, occasion, and attire. However, curing every gel polish layer under the UV lamp for 60 to 90 seconds is essential for the polish to adhere well to the nail surface.

Finally, the topcoat layer seals off the gel polish manicure. Multiple topcoats make for a shinier finish. However, you can stop with a single topcoat layer if you love the matte finish. But, we suggest you go for a glossy feel because it can enhance your overall appearance and personality by several notches. However, remember to cure each topcoat layer under the UV lamp for at least 30 seconds.

Which Is the Better Option?

Undoubtedly, gel polish is better because it lasts longer than traditional manicures. Secondly, gel polish layers do not chip off and look elegant for extended periods. The primary drawback of gel polish is using a UV lamp to cure the polish. Secondly, removing gel polish from the nails is tedious. It requires exposing the nails to acetone which can dry the nails and the surrounding skin.

Final Thoughts

While you have different manicures, gel polish is the best because of the extensive possibilities available in this manicure. In addition, you have an extensive range of nail colors that add to your overall charm quotient and make you look gorgeous.