Classical Nail Polish or Gel Nail Polish – Which Is Better?

Cosmetics have improved to such an extent that different types of nail manicures are possible. In the olden days, there was the conventional nail polish manicure alone. Today, you have various procedures like gel nail polish, dip powder manicures, acrylic nails, gel nail extensions, and many more.

So, there are bound to be comparisons between different types of manicures to decide which is ideally suited for the individual. This article compares classical nail polish and gel nail polish.

Classical Nail Polish or Gel Nail Polish

Classical Nail Polish or Gel Nail Polish

The classical nail polish

The most exciting aspect of the classical nail manicure is that it is the easiest. Anyone can do the manicure at home without any specific training. Here is the procedure in brief.

The nail technician starts by removing the existing nail polish layers by filing or soaking them in acetone, depending on the type of manicure. Washing your nails properly is the next step. Finally, your nails need some massaging if they appear sore. Then, the technician proceeds to apply the nail polish basecoat, nail polish, and the topcoat layers. The exciting feature of the conventional nail manicure is that it does not require a UV lamp to cure the nail polish layers. However, that is a significant drawback because the nail polish takes a long time to dry.

The advantage of having a classical nail polish manicure is that it is convenient to apply and remove it whenever needed. So, you can remove the old nail color and use another one at any time. (more…)

What Should Beginners Know about SNS Nails Kit?

Who does not like to have an excellent manicure? If you are a first-time or a beginner with little experience, it is better to go to a nail salon and get your manicure. However, you can always practice at home and master the techniques of nail manicures. It can help you immensely in the future, especially with many countries thinking of implementing lockdowns because of the impending COVID wave. So, what should a beginner know about dip manicures and the SNS nails kit?

SNS Nails Kit

This article discusses every aspect of your nail kit and teaches you how to have the best dip powder manicure at home.

The SNS Nail Kit – Details Every Beginner Should Know

Your nail kit contains all the ingredients required for a perfect manicure.

The nail file is a critical part of your nail manicure. It proves handy at various times during your manicure. You can use it to file your nails into shape after trimming them using your nail cutter. The idea is to make your nails as smooth as possible. Sharp edges can cause injuries to yourself and others. Besides, dip mail powder tends to lift when the edges are sharp.

The nail file is also helpful for filing away your dip powder layers when removing the manicure. In addition, it helps reduce the powder layer and thus reduces the acetone exposure time to the minimum. (more…)

The Best Hair Care Tips to Keep Them Long, Shiny, and Damage Free

Most people know that taking care of your hair is important if you want to keep it looking healthy and shiny. But what many people don’t know is that there are a few simple things you can do to help keep your hair looking its best. In this article, we will discuss some of the best hair care tips to help keep your locks long, shiny, and damage-free.

Best Hair Care Tips

Hair Care Tips to Follow

Avoid Over-Washing Your Hair

One of the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to their hair is washing it too often. Washing your hair too frequently can strip it of its natural oils, which can leave it looking dry and dull. If you have oily hair, you may need to wash it every day. But if you have normal or dry hair, you should only need to wash it every other day or every two days. I would suggest using an argan oil shampoo to keep your hair clean, strong, and shiny. Argan oil shampoo is great to make your hair nice and bouncy, without damaging its health. (more…)

Nine Exciting Color Gels for Dark Skin Tones

While all colors look excellent on people with fair skin tones, some look more beautiful on tanned skin tones. However, darker-skinned people should note that they should not use gel nail colors closer to their skin tones. On the other hand, the contrasting colors look excellent on dark skin tones. So, for people who love to have a tan, there is good news. Here are nine exciting color shades that can enhance your style and fashion quotient to the ultimate level.

Best Color Gels for Dark Skin Tones

The Brightest White

Best Color Gels for Dark Skin Tones

Many people feel that having the brightest white color gels on your nails accentuates the dark-skinned look. But, on the contrary, the white shades provide a gorgeous contrast and enhance your attraction quotient by several notches. The best aspect of the white shades is that you have various choices, from the opaque to the shimmery feel, depending on your preferences. Generally, the opaque showy shades look great. But, at the same time, the shiny whites look heavenly, as well. (more…)

Tips to Keep Your Nails Beautiful for a Month When Doing Nails at Home

Every modern woman wants her nails to look strong and beautiful, attractive. But not everyone has it all, not all is lucky to be given to all by God. However, rough hands or nails that are black, yellow and weak are defects that make many women self-conscious and dare to communicate with anyone. However, now those defects will be completely overcome thanks to the nail polish and dipping nails or gel nails methods to cover nail defects and regenerate nails. Therefore, more and more women are starting to turn to dip powder manicure. It’s a nail method worth trying, here’s how to find out what SNS nail color dipping powder is and how SNS nails loved so much!

SNS Nail Color Dipping Powder

Tips To Keep Your Nails Beautiful

Dipping powder nails inherit the advantages and it is a combination of powder and gel, it has the hardness and strength of powder and has bright and shiny colors like gel nails. SNS nails especially minimizes a lot of bad effects on your health and nails. Specifically, the dip powder manicure method is not harmful to nails because:

SNS dip powder No need to use UV lamp to dry nails, they will dry quickly in the air.

Simple techniques are easier to implement than applying powder, suitable for those who are just starting to practice making nails. (more…)

What Is the Difference Between Tanning Lotion and Sunscreen?

Most people don’t know the difference between sunscreen lotion and self-tanning lotions. Both sunscreen and self-tanning lotions are commonly used for different reasons. In this article, we will explain the reason people apply tanning lotion and different types of self-tanners. You will also find out why everyone must use sunscreen.

Difference Between Tanning Lotion and Sunscreen

What Is the Self-Tanning Lotion?

Self-tanning lotions are applied to get a sunless tan which usually lasts for a week. Most people who like tanned skin use tanning lotions to get results without damaging the skin through UV rays. You should always avoid consuming tanning pills to get a sunless tan.

Apply self-tanners which include DHA, to darken the skin tone temporarily. There are two common types of self-tanners used by people around the world.

Common Types of Self-Tanning Lotions

Spray Tanning Lotions

Spray tanning lotions are considered one of the safest ways to get a sunless tan. Most tanning lotions don’t contain SPF. Thus, you should use the best sunscreen to tan fast and protect the tanned skin from the harmful effects of UV rays.

Airbrush Tanning

A machine is used to apply spray tan in airbrush tanning. Your skin will be coated to the desired pigment level. You should avoid airbrush tanning because the FDA has not approved it. Moreover, many people have reported that they felt dizzy after the airbrush tanning.

You should not let your children get tanned since they might get used to it. The children might start going out without wearing sunscreen to get a tan. Thus, as a parent, you should not allow children to get sunless tan. (more…)

Alternate Ways to Remove Nail Gel Color

However good a nail manicure is, it does not last forever. The best gel nail polish lasts for two to three weeks. Subsequently, it needs removal. The best way to remove nail gel color is to use acetone. Yes, acetone has dehydrating properties that can dry up your nails and skin. Hence, there is a demand for a suitable alternative to acetone. Let us look at some of the best alternatives in this blog. First, however, we shall also look at the traditional nail polish removal technique.

Ways to Remove Nail Gel Color

Ways to Remove Nail Gel Color

The Traditional Nail Polish Removal

The ideal way to remove nail polish is the acetone soak method. The procedure involves filing away the top layer of the nail polish to scrape away the excess polish. Subsequently, one can place cotton balls soaked in acetone on the nails to penetrate the polish layer. Next, you can wrap aluminum foils around the nails to hold them in place. Maintain the soak for about twenty minutes, after which you can remove the foil. The nail gel color should slide off the nail comfortably.

Now, acetone can be harmful to the nails and skin surrounding it. Therefore, it is advisable to look for alternatives. Besides, you might not always have access to acetone or traditional nail polish removers. Under such circumstances, you should know the alternatives available to you. (more…)

Skincare Routine for Sensitive Skin

Does your skin often react when you apply a new product? The problem people with sensitive skin deal with is their skin reacts whenever they wash the face, or their skin gets exposed to too much pollution.

The best way to stop these skin reactions is to know how to take care of sensitive skin. You need to use toners and serums which don’t contain harsh ingredients since they can irritate the skin. In this article, we will share everything you need to know to clean sensitive skin without getting any reaction.

Skincare Routine for Sensitive Skin

All of us clean our faces to remove dead skin cells, dirt, and oil. However, you have to be extremely careful when cleaning sensitive skin. Thus, here are 5 basic rules you need to follow for cleansing sensitive skin.

Use Tepid Water

Nobody should clean their body using hot water since it can cause severe harm to the skin by making it dry. People who have sensitive skin must use lukewarm water to clean their bodies. Additionally, you should use natural body wash for sensitive skin to nourish and moisturize the body. After cleansing, you should not wipe the body down instantly since it can irritate the outer layer of the skin. To ensure the skin remains hydrated, take a washcloth and pat your body gently.

Opt for a Non-Foaming Cleanser

Most of us liked the squeaky-clean feeling we got after applying foaming cleanser. However, these cleansers are not good for people who have sensitive skin. Foaming cleansers contain harsh ingredients like sodium lauryl, which can irritate the skin and cause reactions. You should look for cleansers that are creamy, milky, and contain avocado or shea butter. (more…)

Learn to Troubleshoot Common Dipping Powder Issues

Dipping powder manicures are trending today like never before. The younger generation likes manicures that simultaneously last long and look graceful. So, the proper solution is to go for LDS dip nails. Therefore, the dipping powder procedure has become the favorite of many women worldwide.

Learn to Troubleshoot Common Dipping Powder Issues

Though dipping powder manicures are durable, something can always go wrong if you do not follow the proper procedure. Under such circumstances, you should know how to handle the situation without panicking. The most common dipping powder issues are lifting, cracking, and expanding. Besides, you can encounter problems when removing dipping powder. This blog discusses these issues and recommends ways to troubleshoot them.

Lifting of the nail

Generally, dipping powder sticks to the base coat, which in turn sticks to the nail surface. Therefore, lifting can occur if the dipping powder color does not adhere properly to the nail. One can trace the problem to the prepping stage. One should ensure that the nail surface is clean of all debris, oil, and water before applying the basecoat. That is why experts harp a lot on the preparation process.

Solution – One should be thorough when prepping the nails for the dip powder manicure. You can use a cuticle remover to remove dead skin from the nail surface. Using a grit file can help rough up the nail surface slightly to allow the basecoat to stick to the surface properly. It is better to use a primer before applying the basecoat as it helps to dehydrate the nail. (more…)

Tips and Suggestions for Enhacing the Beauty of Your Eyes

Eyes are the most sensitive part of our face. Ignoring their care can make you lose all the attraction and fascination they bring on your face. You need to be very careful while dealing with your eyes. It is very important to include eye care products in your makeup routine. A number of products and expert suggestions could be helpful for you in making your eyes beautiful. Before going into the basic guide, let’s first check out commonly experienced eye problems.

Tips and suggestions for enhacing the beauty of your eyes

Common eye related problems

Commonly experienced eye related issues include dark circles, droopy and saggy eyelids, appearance of excessive wrinkles around eyes, dull spots and signs of aging. These problems are faced by a lot of people. As eyes are a prominent part of your face, these things make you look unattractive. There are a lot of people who only observe eyes when they meet you for the first time. These things should not be left unattended. Here are a few tips and suggested products that you can use. These will be very helpful for you.

Eye care products you must try

Numerous eye care products are there for your rescue if you experience any of the above mentioned conditions. You don’t have to worry about your eye problems anymore. Just have a look at these.

  • Eye creams: Use of eye creams is extremely helpful for reducing dark circles. For instance, you can use Korean eye cream for dark circles daily to enhance the look of your eyes. It will brighten up the dull spots and make your eyes attractive. You can apply a generous amount overnight and let it penetrate into the skin. Within a few days the area around your eyes will brighten up.
  • Nutritional products: You should always go for products that are rich in vitamin E and C. These are brightening and uplifting components. They make your eyes get back the lost glow.
  • Eye masks: masks are one great way to let your eyes get everything they need. You can go for one that contains both brightening and uplifting components. Some eye masks also provide anti Aging benefits which is a cool feature to enjoy.