What Should Beginners Know about SNS Nails Kit?

Who does not like to have an excellent manicure? If you are a first-time or a beginner with little experience, it is better to go to a nail salon and get your manicure. However, you can always practice at home and master the techniques of nail manicures. It can help you immensely in the future, especially with many countries thinking of implementing lockdowns because of the impending COVID wave. So, what should a beginner know about dip manicures and the SNS nails kit?

SNS Nails Kit

This article discusses every aspect of your nail kit and teaches you how to have the best dip powder manicure at home.

The SNS Nail Kit – Details Every Beginner Should Know

Your nail kit contains all the ingredients required for a perfect manicure.

The nail file is a critical part of your nail manicure. It proves handy at various times during your manicure. You can use it to file your nails into shape after trimming them using your nail cutter. The idea is to make your nails as smooth as possible. Sharp edges can cause injuries to yourself and others. Besides, dip mail powder tends to lift when the edges are sharp.

The nail file is also helpful for filing away your dip powder layers when removing the manicure. In addition, it helps reduce the powder layer and thus reduces the acetone exposure time to the minimum.

The nail buff is the perfect tool to rough the nail surface. The basecoat and other nail polish ingredients do not stick to smooth nails because they can slide off easily. Therefore, a nail buff is essential to rough the surface.

While you buff the surface, debris can accumulate on the nail surface. You can use the alcohol wipes provided in the SNS nail kit to wipe them off. You should keep the nail surface clean because debris can affect your manicure adversely.

The cuticle pusher is vital because it helps you push the cuticles into their grooves. However, one should ensure that the cuticles do not come in the way of the nail manicure. It can cause the lifting of SNS dip powder colors and damage the manicure.

Cuticle oil proves handy for massaging the cuticle area. It also forms a firm protective layer over the cuticles and does not allow the basecoat to stick to them. Cuticle oil is also helpful to rehydrate the nails after the dip powder removal procedure. The dip powder layers require acetone soak for removal. As acetone dehydrates your nail, it can become dry and brittle after removal. Cuticle oil helps the nails regain their moisture levels.

The basecoat lays the foundation for your dip powder manicure. However, you should ensure to shake the bottle thoroughly before applying a single layer, starting from the base and moving towards the edges.

Each SNS nail kit contains high-quality SNS dip powder colors. You can choose your favorite SNS colors when purchasing the equipment. SNS dip powder is finely ground powder, ensuring a smooth finish to the manicure.

The activator is another critical ingredient of your nail kit. It helps bind the dip powder to the basecoat and allows the chemical compounds to react and form a strong bond that lasts comfortably for more than three to four weeks.

The topcoat application plays its role in lending a glossy effect to your dip powder manicure. A single coat can result in a matte finish, while multiple coats ensure a lustrous feel. The heartening aspect of dip powder topcoat is that it does not require curing under the UV lamp. Instead, the topcoat dries within minutes of its application.

Your nail kit contains a nail polish removal solution, usually acetone. It is the most effective of all nail polish removers.

Besides, your nail kit contains cotton swabs, buds, paper wipes, etc., to help clean your nails if the topcoat or basecoat extends over to the skin.

We have seen the ingredients available in the SNS nail kit. Now let us see how to get the best SNS dip manicure.

The Dip Manicure Process

Prep your nails using the nail cutter and nail file. You should also ensure that there are no traces of existing nail polish. Buff the nails using the nail buff. Wipe off the debris using alcohol wipes. Besides cleaning the surface, alcohol disinfects it.

Apply the basecoat to your nail in a single layer. First, dip your finger in SNS dip powder colors at a 45-degree angle to allow the powder to stick to the basecoat. The activator helps bind the powder to the basecoat. Next, apply the topcoat in straight lines, layer by layer, until you get the shine you require. The topcoat dries within no time.

Your dip powder manicure is ready to last for three to four weeks comfortably. Then, show it off on your Instagram and Pinterest status handles.