Tips to Keep Your Nails Beautiful for a Month When Doing Nails at Home

Every modern woman wants her nails to look strong and beautiful, attractive. But not everyone has it all, not all is lucky to be given to all by God. However, rough hands or nails that are black, yellow and weak are defects that make many women self-conscious and dare to communicate with anyone. However, now those defects will be completely overcome thanks to the nail polish and dipping nails or gel nails methods to cover nail defects and regenerate nails. Therefore, more and more women are starting to turn to dip powder manicure. It’s a nail method worth trying, here’s how to find out what SNS nail color dipping powder is and how SNS nails loved so much!

SNS Nail Color Dipping Powder

Tips To Keep Your Nails Beautiful

Dipping powder nails inherit the advantages and it is a combination of powder and gel, it has the hardness and strength of powder and has bright and shiny colors like gel nails. SNS nails especially minimizes a lot of bad effects on your health and nails. Specifically, the dip powder manicure method is not harmful to nails because:

SNS dip powder No need to use UV lamp to dry nails, they will dry quickly in the air.

Simple techniques are easier to implement than applying powder, suitable for those who are just starting to practice making nails.

The removal of nails is also gentle, less harmful, just soak your hands in acetone then the dipping powder layer will gradually peel off.

With the benefits mentioned above, surely nail workers will feel very interested in this technique. In general, each technique has its own advantages, when you are properly trained and skilled, it will limit the effects in the nail making process.

Just keep in mind a few basic things, you can do yourself a beautiful nail set like in the salon

Clean nails before doing dip nails

Before doing a SNS dipping powder color, you need to make sure to remove the old polish, then soak your nails in warm water for a while, then wipe the nails and the interstitial spaces.

Nails that are clean and lose their natural shine help create roughness and adhesion when painting, so it is a “pioneering” way to keep the paint color durable.

Besides, trimming, trimming nails before painting is also essential to keep the nails healthy and when the paint will take a long time to peel off. Removing the rough skin around the nail makes it easy to paint, while increasing the aesthetics of the hands.

Use nail primer/base gel

Use a primer to gently apply a thin layer to each finger, wait for 1-2 minutes for this coat to dry before proceeding to the next step.

In terms of effect, the primer layer acts as a base to help the paint color stay long, durable and can prevent harmful substances in nail polish from penetrating the nail, preventing the nail from becoming yellow, hard and rough.

Start dipping nails

Start dipping your nails slowly into the dip or use a brush to spread the powder evenly over each nail. Note that it must be dipped evenly and thinly so that the powder coating on the nails does not ripple or clump. After that, apply a base coat to each nail, let it dry then repeat 1 time or 2 times if you want a darker color.

Note: do not be in a hurry, rushing will make the powder coatings not dry evenly. Each coat of paint needs time to dry before applying the next coat. Best, wait 5 – 10 because when the layers are not completely dry and overlap, your nails will be more prone to cracking and peeling.

Final gel top coat

After the nails are dry, use the gel top coat polish to gently cover the colored nails. This step helps your nails to be beautiful, shiny and keep the color longer, so it is very necessary.

Avoid letting your nails come into contact with water

Limit your nails to direct contact with water too often because water will make the nails lose their beautiful shine and quickly peel off.

When cooking or washing dishes, you can use gloves or a sponge with a handle. Of course, bathing is unavoidable, but it’s fine to limit it as much as possible.

Final thought

If you are a fan of nail art, you should try doing dip powder nails for yourself or your mom or sister at least once. Maybe you will love it and won’t need to go to the nail salon next time. SNS powder dip will assist you to complete a set of dipping powder nails quickly and easily with unmatched durability and beauty.