Alternate Ways to Remove Nail Gel Color

However good a nail manicure is, it does not last forever. The best gel nail polish lasts for two to three weeks. Subsequently, it needs removal. The best way to remove nail gel color is to use acetone. Yes, acetone has dehydrating properties that can dry up your nails and skin. Hence, there is a demand for a suitable alternative to acetone. Let us look at some of the best alternatives in this blog. First, however, we shall also look at the traditional nail polish removal technique.

Ways to Remove Nail Gel Color

Ways to Remove Nail Gel Color

The Traditional Nail Polish Removal

The ideal way to remove nail polish is the acetone soak method. The procedure involves filing away the top layer of the nail polish to scrape away the excess polish. Subsequently, one can place cotton balls soaked in acetone on the nails to penetrate the polish layer. Next, you can wrap aluminum foils around the nails to hold them in place. Maintain the soak for about twenty minutes, after which you can remove the foil. The nail gel color should slide off the nail comfortably.

Now, acetone can be harmful to the nails and skin surrounding it. Therefore, it is advisable to look for alternatives. Besides, you might not always have access to acetone or traditional nail polish removers. Under such circumstances, you should know the alternatives available to you.


If you are on a trip and find that you do not have nail polish remover in your handbag, the best bet is to try out toothpaste. Toothpaste contains ethyl acetate, a substance present in nail polish removers. You can use an unusable brush to apply toothpaste to your nails. In addition, it can help remove nail polish in an emergency.


The leftover beer in your refrigerator can help you to remove gel polish from your nails. This is because alcohol can dissolve nail polish. Besides, alcohol has sanitizing properties that can eliminate bacteria. However, you should ensure to file away as much polish as possible before trying out alcohol to remove nail polish.

Hand Sanitizers

If your fridge does not have any beer, you need not worry. You must be having hand sanitizers, especially during the pandemic. The hand sanitizers have sufficient alcohol in them to remove nail polish. You can apply hand sanitizers the same way you use acetone. The only difference is that it can take more time to remove the best gel nail polish.


Just as hand sanitizers can help remove nail polish, your perfumes can do the job equally well. The best way to apply perfume on your nails is to spray some perfume on tissue paper and rub them on your nails. Women should note this tip because perfumes are accessories that each one of them has in their bags.


Your hairspray contains sufficient alcohol to remove nail polish layers. However, you have to be careful when using hairspray. You should ensure to wipe the spray quickly as the cotton pad can stick to your nail polish and become challenging to remove.

The Topcoat

If you can get some topcoat application, that should suffice to remove nail polish. Just as they lend the shine to your nail polish, they can dissolve nail polish and remove them quickly. The best way to use a topcoat is to apply it to the nail and remove it quickly before it dries. Wet top coat sticks to the polish and helps you to peel off the polish comfortably.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide has nail polish dissolving properties and can help remove the best gel nail polish from your nails. The ideal way to use hydrogen peroxide is the same way you use acetone. However, you have to use the cotton ball soak method to let the peroxide solution penetrate the nail polish.


Vinegar has nail polish dissolving properties. However, the procedure can take more time than the acetone soak. The advantage of using vinegar is that it does not dry out your nails and the skin surrounding them. Therefore, it is safe to use vinegar.

Final Thoughts

While you have various alternatives to remove gel color, one should always try the traditional method because it is the best procedure available today. The primary disadvantage of using acetone is that it dries up your nails and skin. In addition, it entails you to let your nails recuperate and regain the moisture they lost.

One should also note that these methods are viable alternatives alone. You can use them in an emergency when you do not have traditional nail polish removers. The procedures can take more time and might not deliver the desired results, especially when you have dark nail polish. The lighter hues should not have an issue. But, it is always better if you know these alternatives to help you out in an emergency.