How to Deal with Melasma?

Any skin problem can leave you worried and gives sleepless nights. One such condition that is very common these days is Melasma. This skin problem creates dark and discolored skin, which changes the look drastically. The users commonly suggest the use of sunscreen for melasma to avoid the condition. It is essential to know the reason why this happens and what is that one can do to prevent the problem of having healthy, good-looking skin.

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How to Know If You Have Melasma

The condition is easy to identify as the symptoms show early. The patches on the skin and discoloration are commonly seen with the naked eye. The skin becomes darker than the original skin color, and the patterns are similar on the face. The other body parts which are exposed to the sun are also prone to the condition. There is no harm to the situation but is known to have a negative effect on the self-image of the person dealing with it.

The sun damage to the skin is the most common cause. Still, other things that have known to add to the condition are birth control pills, hormonal imbalance, stress and thyroid conditions, etc. it is something which is more commonly seen in women but does not mean that men are immune to it.

If you are aware of such skin discoloration, it is best to consult an expert as they will have a suggestion as to what can be done. In most cases, a physical examination is enough to know about the condition. Still, sometimes the test can be conducted to check if the freckle removal treatments or any other treatment might help the skin.

Treatment of the Skin Problem

Since it is mentioned that the condition is not harmful, it is not required to act on it. However, in most cases, people get stressed with skin discoloration, especially on the face and wish to remove it.

  • When the problem has occurred due to pregnancy or birth control pills in women, it goes away on its own. The sunscreen for melasma is still something that one can use to keep safe from further exposure.
  • When the situation is grim, and the person requires treatment, then the best way is to take the help of the experts who can suggest the best way possible. In most cases, simple face creams are enough to minimize the effect of the condition, and with time, it goes away.
  • Sometimes, heavy medication is prescribed to help lighten the skin color. There are some procedures like chemical peels, microdermabrasion, dermabrasion, which work on the skin and require needles procedures to move the affected skin and allow fresh skin to take place.

In most of the procedures, there is no guarantee that the patches will not come back, and sometimes many visits are required to reach the desired results. The point here is not to give up hope and dry and do anything that keeps your skin healthy.

Some temporary yet effective ways to deal with the situation are the use of make-up, which can cover the area of discoloration. It is also always suggested that sunscreen should be used to keep the skin protected from sun damage. Additionally, the face can be covered when one steps out in the direct sun by a cloth, and wearing a hat comes in handy.

Since the condition is not harmful in any way, one should not worry about it. But it is not easy to ignore a patch on your face, and hence you should follow some of the suggestions to keep yourself safe. The knowledge helps one cope with the situation better and not create unnecessary worry.