What Are Dipping Powder Nail? Everything You Need to Know

What is a dip powder manicure? This refers to manicures that last long but don’t make use of UV light in hardening the nails. The colors are gotten from dipping nails into a powder with pigments, rather than the conventional method of painting on liquid streaks. The outcome is a flawless look, with even coats, which before now, only professionals could achieve.

Are powder dipped nails better than gel?

The significant distinction between DND DC gel and dip is that it is long-lasting. Manicures done with dip powder tend to last as long as one month, usually two times longer than the regular gel nail polish. Besides, light-curing lamps are not needed for this manicure. This goes to say that you’ll not only be saving space in your drawers as there won’t be any need for a large nail lamp, but you’ll be free from exposure to UV light.

How do you apply dip powder nail polish at home?

First of all, you have to prep the nails. You do this by slightly taking the cuticles backward and using a file to get the nail into the shape you want. Next, remove dirt and oil from the nail bed using a cleanser. When the nails dry and become clean, then you can apply a base coat on the nail before it is dipped into the powder color.

Get rid of excess powder using a duster brush. Repeat this whole process; this is because dipping twice to ensure everywhere is fully covered and gives a better and stronger finish to a manicure.

Lastly, paint the nails using the activator, creating a bond between the lacquered gloss and powder, then apply the main coat to make it stronger and chip-resistant.

Are dip powder nails safe?

Are you scared this might affect your nail health? You need not worry anymore. Dip powder has no adverse effect on your nails; however, picking off manicure and scraping does. You cause harm to your nails when you chip the nails off with a nail stick, removing some layers of your natural nails and making them weak. Rather than this, it is best to get rid of the nail polish, using the same process of removal like that of gels which involves dipping cotton in acetone and placing on your nails for about 15 minutes. If it does not go off, soak your nails in polish removal for a more extended period. Ensure to add moisturizers on your nails once you complete this process.

10 Must-Have Nail Technician Supplies for Your Salon

As a beginner or amateur in the salon business or you want to own yours, the most important thing is knowledge of nail supplies online or materials. Most of your work is solely based on training and talent. However, quality supplies are an essential factor that should not be neglected. Despite your skills, you can only get great results if your supplies are standard.

Below are ten technical supply items that are a must-have for your shop. They are the primary tools you need to give your customers the best and do the job right.

Quality Nail File Kit

These are essential supplies for you, and they are of great importance. The fact remains quality as you don’t want to displease your clients when they notice low-standard supplies.

Cuticle Exfoliator

This is used to eliminate dead skin and avoid future occurrence of cuticle problems.

Reusable Nail Forms

These help you with acrylic, gel, and French manicures.

Diamond Nail File

Everyone loves diamonds. This tool is strong, as is peculiar to diamonds. Thus it gives outstanding results.

Sable Brush

It is essential to have quality sable brushes. This is because low-quality brushes shed and spoil your work.


These are items used daily, and you need them. Don’t compromise on quality here either. It can be quite tempting. Consider the fact that you need one that won’t shed and leave fibers on your freshly done nails, yet stand the test of time.

Toe Separators

Always remember to include these as they are a necessity that helps you avoid chances of getting polish all over the toes.

Cuticle Oil

This can be used to make the cuticles softer and moisturize them as well. It gives the client a feeling of being pampered.

Pedicure Foot File

You need a right foot file to smoothen the rough edges while working.

Nail Cleanser

This is used to prevent the growth of bacteria and fungus and clean the nails. It should be continuously used.

Your tools help you display your talent effectively. You should go for the best when choosing them. Get yourself a collection, stock up various types from various brands, and pick your favorites.