Choose the Perfect OPI Colors for the Right Occasion

The average woman spends a significant part of her life deciding what to wear for a special occasion. But do they do the same when choosing the nail colors? I doubt so. As the new year approaches, women prepare a long list of what they should wear for the various events and festivals they intend to participate in during the year. The decision about wearing suitable nail polish is usually the last one they take. This blog aims to change the trend by suggesting different nail colors for different situations in life. The OPI gel colors set has an exclusive range of colors to suit every occasion.

Best OPI Colors for the Right Occasion

Are you going on a first date? Make an indelible impression

There is a statement that goes something like this. “The first impression is generally the last one, as well.” It is true when you go on your first date. The first date of your life is a momentous occasion that no one would like to spoil by wearing the wrong nail polish color.

It is essential to have a proper nail manicure before you go on your first date. Boys pay a lot of attention to your nails. A feminine color like bright pink or scarlet red should look romantic. It is better to paint your nails the day before you set out on your date. It makes your manicure look fresh.

Your choice for a beach holiday should be something different

A beach holiday is not the same as a date because you do not have to create an impression. You are going out for a much-deserved break from your regular 9-5 office job or university schedule. However, that does not entail you can wear any color. It is better to match your nails with the color of the ocean. Therefore, the blue or green shades look beautiful when you decide to go for a beach holiday.

OPI colors offer an exquisite range of blue and green shades for you to choose from and have a blast at the beach.

An interview! Yes, you need to make a statement

If you have an interview scheduled to come up in the next few days, your nails should be immaculate. The manicure should be perfect with the right dash of color, or you end up messing the show. Beige or white look the most professional of colors to have on your nails.

One should avoid going for the dark finishes and stick to the lighter hues like pink, nude, and light tan. Go through your OPI nails and come up with the perfect combo to ace the interview.

What you wear to the office depends on your dress code

Certain offices have specific dress codes. Under such circumstances, you do not have much choice to experiment. However, you need not be as formal as you were when you attended the interview. You can try out dark shades like red or maroon. The brown shades with golden borders can also gel with your dress code.

If you do not have any dress code, you are free to choose whatever color you like. Nevertheless, your nails should not look tacky and disapproving because you still have to maintain the impression you have created during the interview.

Some offices allow you to have a casual shade. The glitter nail polishes also look great under such circumstances. OPI colors has an entire range dedicated to office wear. You can try out different combinations here.

A friend’s wedding – Wear your polish according to your outfit

It is common for everyone to attend their friend’s wedding throughout the year. It is advisable to choose a color that matches your outfit. You can go for some versatile colors like deep red that match with almost any wedding outfit.

It is time you can experiment and look unique. After all, your friend is the center of attraction and not you.

Your wedding – Be careful with your choice

Choosing the right nail colors for your wedding is critical because all eyes will be on you throughout. Your choice depends on the outfit you have. If your outfit is white, you have an exciting range of colors to choose from. However, some communities wear red or green dresses. Under such circumstances, your selection gets restricted to matching colors.

It should not be an issue at all because the OPI gel color set offers a superb choice.

Going for a party, have a blast

When you are out partying wildly, no one cares about the nail colors you wear. It is the perfect time to give full vent to your creativity. However, you should choose the colors that suit your personality and age. Go through your OPI colors collection and get the tone right.


We have discussed the different shades of nail polish to suit every occasion. The primary idea behind a nail manicure is to look presentable. Hence, your choice should be such that defines your personality.