Tips and Tricks of Ideal Tattoo Designing That You Need to Know

As classy as it looks, tattoo designing isn’t a piece of cake. It is an extremely difficult and painful process. Not only for the client, but also for the tattoo artist. This is because the session goes on for so long and the artist might get tired holding the machine and continuously concentrating on one particular spot. Every tattoo artist has kept some special tips and tricks to help the client cope with the process with comfort and to make it easier for themselves too. This article will be covering all the basics of preparation for the tattoo session and steps that can be helpful during the designing procedures. These suggestions are collected from experienced tattoo experts and people who have been going through this process for a long time. This will definitely guide all the newcomers for their upcoming ventures in the field of tattoo designing.

Tips and Tricks of Ideal Tattoo Designing


How to prepare yourself for a tattoo session?

Before going for a tattoo session, you must be mentally and physically prepared to embrace the upcoming painful process. There are some steps that can help you in coping up with the pain and discomfort.

  1. Eat well before going to visit your tattoo artist. Being well fed is extremely important to keep your energy up to the level. It keeps your blood pressure maintained so you won’t feel any disturbance in the normal balanced state of your system.
  2. Drink plenty of water so that your blood volume remains constant and you won’t fall unconscious during the needling. It is very common that people faint during the process due to water shortage. Try your best to avoid it from happening.
  3. Wear light and airy clothes. This will allow your body temperature to stay normal and will prevent excessive sweating. It will also allow the artist to access the tattoo spot with ease. Wearing tight clothes can block blood circulation and make it very uncomfortable for the client to make the area exposed.
  4. Make sure the tattoo spot is well shaved and free from hair. Shaving it a few days earlier is better because if you shave it just before the session, the open pores might get irritated due to the tattoo ink.
  5. Make sure you have all the equipment and tattoo stuff ready. Ask the tattoo artist if he has anything missing from the spot so he can grab it before the session.
  6. Do check out which design and color pattern is trending and choose accordingly. For example, small and intricate designs go well with the outline of the black. You can shade the inner part with the best white ink available to you and see how attractive the design looks. Similarly, choose color combinations that are famous among the tattoo experts and make your tattoo look classy and trendy.

After following all the above steps, you are perfectly ready to attend the session.

Products that can help you during tattoo designing

A lot of people want to design their tattoo themselves instead of getting it printed from the computer. This makes the tattoo much more personal and customized. Being a beginner, you can just use a simple tattoo tracing paper and draw your design on it. After that, let your tattoo designer try it out once or twice on tattoo practice skin. When you are fully satisfied with the work of the artist on the practice skin, go for the final designing on your body. This step will help in avoiding any mistakes in the final take. It is extremely beneficial because a lot of people who get the design directly on their body have to regret it sometimes because a minor mistake ruins the entire design.

The above mentioned things are suggested to be done by famous tattoo artists and following these will definitely work out for providing you with a smooth tattoo session.