The 30-Day GTC Pathway

Global Transitional Care is the pioneer in bridging the in-patient-to-residence gap by providing personalized in-home clinical oversight for newly discharged patients. In conjunction with our HIPAA compliant, customized technology and a transitional care team consisting of a medical doctor, advanced practice nurse practitioner and registered nurse certified in transitional care, GTC can address potential issues, with the goal of preventing unnecessary re-admissions and visits to the Emergency Room. Transitional care is a newly covered benefit for Medicare patients and there is no extra cost incurred on the part of the patient other than the applicable standard co-pay. As a specialty group provider, GTC manages direct billing with Medicare.

What is Transitional Care?
Transitional Care (TC) is a specified, certified program “to help hospitalized patients with complex chronic conditions, often the most vulnerable patients, transfer in a safe and timely manner from one level of care to another”* ideally, to their home residence. Additionally, Transitional Care is certified at a higher level than home health care.

What We Do
Our highly skilled, Transitional Care Nurses (TCNs) are hands-on in planning and caring for patients in the critical 30-day window of time after discharge. Our Transitional Care Nurses keep the physicians and care team connected to the patient’s progress. We are committed to achieving the best possible outcomes.